Phantom of the Opera, The (2004)

Phantom of the Opera, The (2004) quotes

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Christine Daaé
Madame Giry
Meg Giry
Raoul De Chagny
The Phantom
Ubaldo Piangi

Insolent boy! This slave of fashion, basking in your glory! Ignorant fool! This brave young suitor, sharing in my triumph!

Flattering child you shall know me. See why in shadow I hide. Look at your face in the mirror... I am there inside!

Wandering child, so lost, so helpless, yearning for my guidance.

Too long you've wandered in winter far from my fathering gaze.

Angel of Music, you denied me, turning from true beauty. Angel of Music, do not shun me. Come to your strange Angel.

Now, let it be war upon you both!

You will curse the day you did not do all that the Phantom asked of you!

This face, which earned a mother's fear and loathing. A mask, my first unfeeling scrap of clothing...

The world showed no compassion to me!

You alone can make my song take flight. It's over now, the music of the night!

Start a new life with me! Buy his freedom with your love! Refuse me and you'll send your lover to his death! This is the choice. This is the point of no return!

You try my patience. Make your choice.

So do you end your days with me or do you send him to his grave?

Monsieur, I bid you welcome. Did you think that I would harm her? Why would I make her pay for the sins which are yours?

You have come here for one purpose and one alone. Since the moment I first heard you sing I have needed you with me to serve me, to sing for my music. My music...