Firmin quotes

And that exceptional beauty? No relation, I trust

Bad news on soprano scene–First Carlotta, now Christine!
Still, at least the seats get sold; Gossip's worth its weight in gold ...

To hell with Gluke and Handel, Have a scandal and you're sure to have a hit!

Andre, please don't shout. It's publicity and the take is vast; free publicity.

Andre, have you seen the queue? Oh, it seems you've got one too...

Dear Firmin just a brief remiender, my salary has not be paid! Send it care to the ghost, by return of post PTO!

And what is it that we're meant to have wrote?... Written!

Gentlemen, I have now sent you several notes of the most amiable nature,
detailing how my theater is to be run...

We are certain the doors are barred.

We're ruined, Andre - ruined!

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