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James St. James
Michael Alig
Multiple Characters

Michael: So, notice anything different?
James: [looks around] The flies?
Michael: No, seriously James. Anything or anyone missing? Like a drug dealer who used to live here?
James: Well darling that could be anyone. Can I buy a vowel?

I don't do. I just am.

Keoki: Are we going far?
Michael: All the way I hope.

Michael: Angel bailed me out.
James: Angel?
Michael: Well, actually, Angel bailed you out.
James: Me?
Michael: Yeah, I told the police I was you.
[James gawks in disbelief]
Michael: Oh James, it's just all in fun. And after I told them you had AIDS, they gave me my own room with a VCR and ice cream!
James: Michael, I don't even like you! I have never liked you!

The road of excess leads to a palace of... fabulousness!

Michael: Our magazine's on the stands today. Can you believe it? Our own magazine!
James: I've already seen it, and there's a problem. A big problem. I've been cut off. [reads from magazine page] "James St. James heads up white slave ring, sells twelve year old boys on Avenue B. Exclusive by Michael Alig." Why, Michael? Why?
Michael: Oh come on Skrink, I think it's funny!
James: My father does not share your sense of humor!
Michael: I didn't know he was a Project X reader!
James: Yes you did, because you sent him a lifetime subscription!

Michael: Hi. I'm Michael Alig.
James: Well I'll alert the media. Gotta dash!

Oh James, I'm getting away with murder and you're just jealous.

You're just some lame-ass, Johnny-come-lately, fairy, ****, copycat! You don't even know your skrink from your skrod! You stupid logger blogger!

That's not a crack hole, that's a rat hole. Rats on crack attack!

It was better than a ten-inch dick and you know it!

Mm, lightly toasted animal tranquilizer.

You'll love me. I promise.

Michael was growing on me. Like a fungus.

Party in the truck!