Michael Alig quotes

Typical James, tired old drug addict. Can't even stay awake for your own movie!

I wanted to create my own world. A world full of color where everyone could play. One big party that never ends.

You'll love me. I promise.

We'll put James in a cage and hang a sign over it that says, "Do not feed the drug child!"

The road of excess leads to a palace of... fabulousness!

Party in the truck!

I won't do crack without heroin!

But it's my birthday and I want a bloodfeast!

That's not a crack hole, that's a rat hole. Rats on crack attack!

You're just some lame-ass, Johnny-come-lately, fairy, ****, copycat! You don't even know your skrink from your skrod! You stupid logger blogger!

Oh James, I'm getting away with murder and you're just jealous.

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