Mannequin quotes

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Ema "Emmy" Hesire
Hollywood Montrose
Jonathon Switcher
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Mr. Richards

Food additives. It's food additives.

Hollywood. Hollywood Montrose. Ooh! Doesn't it just sing!

I must be losing my mind. I guess all artists fall in love with their work, but you just seem so... special.

If I'm one thing, I'm loyal.

My name is Ema Hesire, but you can call me Emmy.

Teach him to mess with a man and his mannequin.

There's got to be a better way. Please, gods, please, help me find it.

Tonight we're gonna do something special, something this store has never seen before!

You know I would never bother you when you're getting a piece of wood...

You must lead a charmed life, it was all I could do to save your skin in there. No thanks are necessary, Switcher!