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Todd: You know, I was in love once but she said I wasn't financially reliable and she needed that.
John: Now, by "she", do you mean "he"?
Todd: No.
Beefy: Busted!

Nicky: I feel strange. I can't stop thinking about this girl, Valerie.
Todd: Why? Did she hurt you? Do you need to cry on my shoulder?
John: Easy there, Liberace.

Todd: Hey you guys can crash here. I have a futon.
John: Eh, that's a big pass, Elton John.

Satan: That's right. You heard me, Holly.
Holly: What?
Satan: I'm still in love with you.

If your father was the devil, and your mother was an angel, you'd be messed up too.

Be unafraid. Be very unafraid.

He's Never Been To Earth, He's never even slept over another dudes house