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Duane Jackson
Jacy Farrow
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Sonny Crawford

121 to 14. Must be pretty near a record...I reckon ya all need glasses.

Jackie Lee French: [to Lois, who has just kissed her date, Abilene] I oughta slap your face.
Lois: Well, why don't you just kiss my ass?

[to Ruth, about Charlene] I guess we broke up because we didn't like each other much to begin with.

We ain't done nothin' wrong. Ain't we got a right to get married? How can you arrest us, just like that?

[to Jacy] But I can do it now, I know I can!

[to Sonny, about Jacy] Listen, if you hear they busted up, let me know.

[to Sonny] See you in a year or two, if I don't get shot.

[to Lester] My Gawd. I'm glad it wasn't on fire. I would have burned to death before you got one button undone.

[to Duane, after sex] Oh, quit prissin'. I don't think you did it right, anyway.

[to Sonny] Not here. I'm too old for screwin' in cars. I don't like to hurry...I'm afraid to right now. I think my folks are watchin' me. They know I don't wanna go to college and they might think we're gonna run off and get married. We'll do it when it's safe. We've got all summer.

[to Sonny, after they get married] Goodness, wouldn't it be just awful if Momma and Daddy got the police after us?...Well, I had to leave 'em a note, you know, so they wouldn't be worried out of their mind.

Chicken-fry me a steak. And try to use meat this time.

[to Duane and Sonny, as they are leaving for a weekend in Mexico] You'd better take some for some insurance. Take money below that border - it sorta melts sometimes...And try not to drink too much of that buggy water...You catch the clap - you'll wish you hadn't drunk nothin'. Oh well, we'll see ya.

[to Sonny] What am I doing apologizin' to you? Why am I always apologizin' to you, ya little bastard? Three months I been apologizing to you, without you even bein' here. I haven't done anything wrong - why can't I quit apologizin'? You're the one oughta be sorry. I wouldn't still be in my bathrobe if it hadn't been for you. I'da had my clothes on hours ago. You're the one made me quit carin' if I got dressed or not. I guess just because your friend got killed you want me to forget what you did and make it all right. I'm not sorry for you. You'd've left Billy, too, just like you left me. I bet you left him plenty a nights, whenever Jacy whistled. I wouldn't treat a dog that way. I guess you thought I was so old and ugly you didn't owe me any explanation. You didn't need to be careful of me. There wasn't anythin' I could do about you and her - why should you be careful of me? You didn't love me. Look at me. Can't you even look at me? [Sonny slowly turns and glances at her] Y'see? You shouldn't have come here. I'm around that corner now. You've ruined it and it's lost completely. Just your needing me won't make it come back.

[to Sonny] Never you mind, honey, never you mind.