Genevieve quotes

One thing I know for sure - a person can't sneeze in this town without somebody offerin' him a's an awful small town for any kinda carryin' on...And some people got a lotta guns.

[to Sonny, about Duane enlisting in the army] Good place for him, too...That boy's always had meanness in him, 'cause Jacy's just the kinda girl that brings out the meanness in a man. She's just like her grandmother. I oughtn't to talk about 'em anyhow. We was all good friends once. Dan roughnecked with Gene Farrow. He and Lois - they used to live in this little one room place over the newspaper office. Lois couldn't afford a flour-sack, much less a mink. I've always had a soft spot for her, though. Yeah, I wondered a lotta times, you know, what would've happened if my Dan had made the strikes that Gene made. They offered that rig to him first, yep, but then Morgan never took a chance in his life.

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