Jacy Farrow quotes

[to Lester] My Gawd. I'm glad it wasn't on fire. I would have burned to death before you got one button undone.

[to Duane, after sex] Oh, quit prissin'. I don't think you did it right, anyway.

[to Sonny] Not here. I'm too old for screwin' in cars. I don't like to hurry...I'm afraid to right now. I think my folks are watchin' me. They know I don't wanna go to college and they might think we're gonna run off and get married. We'll do it when it's safe. We've got all summer.

[to Sonny, after they get married] Goodness, wouldn't it be just awful if Momma and Daddy got the police after us?...Well, I had to leave 'em a note, you know, so they wouldn't be worried out of their mind.

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