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Hayley Stark
Jeff Kohlver

Jeff Kohlver: This is some...teenage joke?
Hayley Stark: Teenage, yes. Joke, no.

[holding two glasses filled with a murky, bloody fluid] You want souvenirs? No? What should I do with them? We could see how far they bounce. Then again, some animal might decide they were his afternoon snack. Wouldn't want a little squirrel or coyote to get sick. Especially with you being such a conservationist. Maybe this would be best. Grind them up in the garbage disposal.

I shouldn't have teased you like that. I shouldn't have let you think there was a way out of this.

Does your mom know you cut off men’s balls?

Well, 4 out of 5 doctors agree that I am actually insane.

Jeff Kohlver: You're getting yourself in terrible trouble.
Hayley Stark: Oh? Oh and how's that?
Jeff Kohlver: If you cut me in any way you won't forget it. It changes you when you hurt somebody.
Hayley Stark: Oh and you speak from experience I guess.
Jeff Kohlver: I've just lived. Unlike you. The things you do wrong... they haunt you.
Hayley Stark: Tell me what you're haunted by.
Jeff Kohlver: Do you wanna remember this day when you're with a guy? On a date? Or on your wedding night? 'Cause I promise you you will. Don't do that to yourself.
Hayley Stark: Wow... You know, that is so thoughtful! You are speaking to me so selflessly! I mean, you just don't want me to castrate you for my own benefit? Wow, I'm touched. Jeff, why don't we imagine someone saying the same thing to you at a random moment? Imagine that when you downloaded this little girl... I was sitting by your side saying, "Stop! Don't do that to yourself!" Would you have listened?

Remember what I said about not drinking anything you didn't see made yourself? Good advice for everyone.

I'm reading this book about Jean Seberg. [looks at Jeff, who shakes his head] She's this actress who slept with all the wrong people and ended up killing herself.

I'll take care of everything. [Jeff jumps. Runs after rope and looks down at now hanging Jeff] Or not.

You use the same phrases about Goldfrapp that they use on Amazon.com. Busted!

Play time is over, Jeff. Now it’s time to wake up.

[about Jeff's testicles] I guess they, uh, weren't brass.

Well you look older than you are and you certainly act older than you are.

You’re all just like Janelle, you’re driving me crazy! I can’t stand the head games! You’re right this is me. This is who I am. Thank you for helping me finally see it.

I ****ing hate Goldfrapp.