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In this day and age, what the **** is this world coming to? I can't believe this, prejudice against--a Jew broad--prejudice against Italians.

FBI Agent: If it's gonna make him a happy witness, a better witness, I'd like you to be with him. They're not gonna be able to get to him. The only way they can get to him is by getting to you. Or getting to your kids. Karen, I've listened to those wiretaps. And I've heard you on the telephone. You're talkin' about cocaine. Conversation after conversation you're talking to Henry on the phone. You're facing a lengthy prison sentence.

[to Henry] Everybody gets pinched. But you did it right. You told 'em nothing and they got nothing...I'm proud of you. You took your first pinch like a man and you learned the two greatest things in life. Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut.

Paulie: [to Henry] You know anything about this ****ing restaurant business?
Sonny: He knows everything about it. I mean he's in the joint 24 hours a day. I mean another ****ing few minutes he could be a stool that's how often he's in there.

People looked at me differently and they knew I was with somebody. At thirteen, I was making more money than most of the grown-ups in the neighborhood. I mean, I had more money than I could spend. I had it all. One day the kids from the neighborhood carried my mother's groceries all the way home. You know why? It was out of respect.

I couldn't stand him. I thought he was really obnoxious. He kept fidgeting around. Before it was even time to go home he was pushing me into the car and then pulling me out. It was ridiculous. But Diane and Tommy made us promise to meet them again on Friday night. We agreed. Of course when Friday night came around, Henry stood me up. We were a trio instead of a double date that night.

FBI Agent: We're basically your only salvation. We're gonna save your life, we're gonna save his life. I'm gonna keep you out of jail.

I was the luckiest kid in the world. I could go anywhere. I could do anything. I knew everybody and everybody knew me. I was part of something. And I belonged. I was treated like a grown-up. Every day, I was learning to score. A dollar here. A dollar there. I was living a fantasy.

For us to live any other way was nuts. Uh, to us, those goody-good people who worked shitty jobs for bum paychecks and took the subway to work every day, and worried about their bills, were dead. I mean they were suckers. They had no balls. If we wanted something we just took it. If anyone complained twice they got hit so bad, believe me, they never complained again.

What the **** are you doing? You're hanging around my ****in' neck like a vulture, like impending danger.

Something's going on! I look in your face and I know that you're lying! Get out of my life! You're a lousy bastard! Go to your ready-made whores! That's all you're good for! Get out of my life! I can't stand you!

By the time I grew up, there was thirty billion a year in cargo moving through Idlewild Airport and believe me, we tried to steal every bit of it. It was an even bigger money-maker than numbers and Jimmy was in charge of it all. Whenever we needed money, we'd rob the airport. And to us, it was better than Citibank.

(After killing Morrie) I thought he'd never shut the **** up!

[to Sonny] You think you're the only one? I talk to them a million times. They don't listen. What could I do? If there was something I could do, don't you think I would do it? Tommy's a bad kid. He's a bad seed. What am I supposed to do, shoot him?

Jimmy had never asked me to whack somebody before. But now he's asking me to go down to Florida and do a hit with Anthony? That's when I knew I would never have come back from Florida alive.