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Crush the Turtle
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The sharks
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Bruce: Here's Brucey!

Bruce: Now there's a father looking for his little boy. [whines] I never knew my father! [cries]

Bruce: We're having fish tonight!

Bubbles: Bubbles! My bubbles!

Deb: [about her reflection] Don't listen to my sister. She's nuts.

Fish-Friendly Shark Pledge: I am a nice shark. Not a mindless eatin' machine. If I want to change this image, I must first change myself. Fish are friends. Not food.

Gill: All drains lead to the ocean.


Gurgle: Don't you people realise that we are swimming in our own-- Peach: Shhh! He's coming!

Maine Lobster: And he goes all the way down into the dahk, it's like wicked dahk down there, you can't see a thing—how's it going, Bob?—and then...

Nigel: Fish gotta swim, birds gotta eat.

Nigel: Okay. Don't make any sudden moves. Hop inside my mouth, if you want to live.

Pearl: Aw! You guys made me ink!

Seagulls: Mine! [the only line they say, repeated over and over]

Sheldon: He touched the butt!