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Dumb Donald
Fat Albert
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Weird Hal

There's no way I'm letting that fat kid get over on Lauri.

Arthur! Learn the handshake!

Listen up, everybody! This fat fool is not what he appears to be!

Aren't you the hip-hop fool.

[repeated line]: (hits or scratches head) I am so confused!

I have no face.

I have a face? I do? I do!

I'm a party animal!

(repeated line) Guys, guys!

Guys, I see...cheerleaders.

You're like school on Saturday: no class.

Those guys, Albert's friends...they're very strange. I think they could be some kind of a cult.

Doris, no one came out of our television set.

Doris, why are you acting like a loser? You're not a loser.

Arthur: Yo! Nobody makes a fool out of Reggie except for Reggie.