Fargo quotes

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Carl Showalter
Jerry Lundegaard
Marge Gunderson
Multiple Characters
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Wade Gustafson

You should have seen the other guy

Shep! What the hell are you doing! I was bangin' that girl!

Stay away from me, man! Hey, go smoke a ****in' peace pipe!

What do yo think they do there? They don't drink milkshakes I assure you.

It's my money. I'll deliver it - what do they care?... They want my money, they can deal with me.

Look, Jerry, you're not selling me a damn car. It's my show here.

Mike Yanagita: Ya know, it's the Radisson, so it's pretty good.

Mike Yanagita: So ya went and married Norm Son-of-a-Gunderson!

Shep Proudfoot: [beating Carl violently] ****ing little weasel! **** you! You ****ing mother****er son of a bitch Jesus Christ you ****ing shitbag mother****er!

Scottie Lundegard: There's no ****ing way....

Mike Yanagita: She had...leukemia

Mike Yanagita: She fought real hard, Margie

Mike Yanagita: Well, that's nothing compared to your accomplishments.

Mike Yanagita: Well, as an engineer you could do a lot worse

Mike Yanagita: You're such a Supa Lady!!