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Ben Grimm
Johnny Storm
Reed Richards
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Victor Von Doom

Do I have to do everything myself? (referring to getting Reed and Sue back together)

Ah! And for the record, they love me!

At what time do you get off work? (Nurse replies and he answers) Tell you what? You meet me at 4:01, it'll give you a minute to freshen up.

You guys should accept it... or better yet enjoy it.

Oh no.

What if we got these powers for a reason? A higher calling?

Nurses. (whispering as he exits the room)

Come on..! Come on! FLAME ON!

Two down. Two to go.

Look, sorry Sue. I'm going back out into the real world.

If you guys are jealous that's fine. I never would of have expected to be coming from you, though.

Reed? I'll be right with you. (after Mr. Fantastic gets his attention invisible forcefield prevents him from finishing The Thing with a solid light pole) Sue?

What? Like we won't be able to turn on and off? (chuckles)That would save time.

Susan, you're fired!

Whoa. Ladies. I need names and shots. Bartender!