Fantastic Four

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Ben Grimm
Johnny Storm
Reed Richards
Sue Storm
Victor Von Doom

Reed. Time for your lesson on Chemistry 101. What happens to rubber when super cooled?

That's my nose, genius. These are my lips.

Stop treating me like a child, Sure. You're not mom.

The guys at the market gave me it.

Fun Filled! (laughing) You guys are cramping my style.

Something new? Got it.

Sweet! (referring to Sue and Richard's terms of Supernova) Got it. Supernova. Bad. (thumbs up)

Awww! That was the prototype! (after The Thing crushes the action figure)

Ben Grimm: "It's Clobberin' Time!"

Guys! Guys!? (is stared at for being naked only wearing a wrapped coat around his waist) I can explain.

Let's check back in with the rest of the family. Shall we?

Call me...Doom.

Digital camera: $254. Memory stick: $59. The look on your hard-ass former CO's grill when he finds out he's your junior officer: priceless.

I promise you, I will do everything in my power until there's not a breath left in me. You're going to be Ben again.

Come on..! Come on! FLAME ON!