Victor Von Doom quotes

I don't want to understand it!

Pay your damn electric bill and get to work on finding a cure.

Think I'll get a second opinion.

Reed. Time for your lesson on Chemistry 101. What happens to rubber when super cooled?

Let's check back in with the rest of the family. Shall we?

Two down. Two to go.

How romantic.

Marco...Polo. Marco-- (is hit with a forcefield by Sue)

Susan, you're fired!

And to think I was about to share my life with you.

Did you say good bye to your brother Johnny?

This is gonna be fun. Aaargh!

Reed? I'll be right with you. (after Mr. Fantastic gets his attention invisible forcefield prevents him from finishing The Thing with a solid light pole) Sue?

You three are pathetic!

Is that the best you can do? A little heat.

Call me...Doom.

Victor: Maybe you should have stayed back in the lab. Field work never suited you.
Ben: He does the talking, I do the walking. Got it?
Victor: So take a walk, Ben...

Ben : Can't do it. I cannot do it.
Reed : External SRBs, orbital system engines. Its just like the shuttles you flew in -
Ben : No. I cannot take orders from the underwear model. That wingnut washed out of NASA for sneaking two Victoria Secret wannabes into a flight simulator.
Reed: Youthful high spirits.
Ben: They crashed it into a wall. A flight simulator.
Reed: When have I asked you to do something you absolutely said you couldn't -
Ben: Five times.
Reed ...I had it at four.
Ben: Well this makes five!

Ben: What's wrong with me?
Johnny: (sad) I swear they've done everything humanly possible. The best plastic surgeons in the world, Ben. You had the best -
Ben: (getting frantic) Give me a mirror...
Johnny: They said that's not such a good idea, the shock alone could -
Ben: I said give me the god damn mirror!
(Ben finally sees his face, it looks completely normal)
Johnny: (sad) Unfortunately, the doctors just couldn't do anything to fix your face.

Sue: (to Reed) Look at me!
Reed: (looking up and seeing, or not seeing that Sue has turned invisible) I can't.
Sue: What do you mean you can't?! Look at me!
Reed: Sue, look at your hands.

Johnny: (with his shirt off, being given a physical by Reed and Sue) I think we have a serious problem.

(Sue turns invisible and starts to undress, then turns visible again)
Reed: Wow. You've been working out.
Sue: Shut up.

Johnny: Wait. You mean we won't be able to turn on and off? That would save time.
Sue: Grow up. You don't want walk around on fire for the rest of your life, do you?
Johnny: Is that a trick question?

Reporter: So what can you tell us about the outfit?
Johnny : (on tv) Not too much, but I will say that it's all weather and no leather. Kind of Armani meets Astronaut.
(Ben, Sue, and Reed stare at the wall-sized TV, mouths agape.)
Sue : He didn't.
Ben: Oh, he did. Flame boy, never listens.
Sue: What did he do to his uniform?!
(Reed looks down at his own uniform, to Johnny's uniform on the TV, which has the same insignia, and surrepticiously tries to cover his insignia with his jacket)
Reporter: So what are your superhero names?
Johnny: I go by the Human Torch. The ladies call me Torch.
Reporter: What about the rest of the team?
Johnny: Uh, we call my sister the Invisible Girl.
Sue: 'Girl'..?
Reporter: That's easy to remember. And Reed Richards? He's the leader. So what's he? Mr. Fantastic?
Johnny: Well, I wouldn't say he's the leader.
Reporter: And can he really stretch any part of his anatomy?
(Cheers from the female members of the public behind them)
Johnny: Well, I wouldn't know about that... I've always found him to be decidedly... limp.
(Another cheer from the people behind them)
Ben: Could be worse.
Reporter: What about this one? What do you call this thing?
Johnny: That's just it. The Thing. If you think that's bad you should have seen him before.
Ben: Okay. Now I'm gonna go kill him.

Susan: Don't even think about it!
Johnny: Never do. (jumps off the building) FLAME ON!

Victor: Now Sue, let's not fight about this.
Sue: No. Let's.

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