Fantastic Four

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Ben Grimm
Johnny Storm
Reed Richards
Sue Storm
Victor Von Doom

Now, I'm gotta go kill him. (after Johnny calls him "The Thing" on tv)

Nurses. (whispering as he exits the room)

Oh no.

Pay your damn electric bill and get to work on finding a cure.

Reed. Let it go. It was a freak of nature. There was nothing you could of have possibly done.

Reed. Time for your lesson on Chemistry 101. What happens to rubber when super cooled?

Reed? I'll be right with you. (after Mr. Fantastic gets his attention invisible forcefield prevents him from finishing The Thing with a solid light pole) Sue?

See? That's your problem Reed. You always think you never act.

Something new? Got it.

Stop treating me like a child, Sure. You're not mom.

Susan, you're fired!

Sweet! (referring to Sue and Richard's terms of Supernova) Got it. Supernova. Bad. (thumbs up)

That's it Tinkerbell! You want to fly? Then fly!

That's my nose, genius. These are my lips.

The guys at the market gave me it.