Fantastic Four

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Ben Grimm
Johnny Storm
Reed Richards
Sue Storm
Victor Von Doom

Hey! Hey, look! (turns on The Thing action figure and it shouts, 'It's Clobberin' time!)

How romantic.

I can go hotter!

I don't want to understand it!

I promise you, I will do everything in my power until there's not a breath left in me. You're going to be Ben again.

If you guys are jealous that's fine. I never would of have expected to be coming from you, though.

Is that the best you can do? A little heat.

Is there any higher?

It's not him. It's THEM!

Johnny! (after Johnny makes him put shave cream on his face)

Let's check back in with the rest of the family. Shall we?

Look, look! (is snapping his fingers to ignite a flame akin to a zippo, repeats to turn off the flame ignited by the snapping) Now picture that. But everywhere! (cackles) Cool!

Look, sorry Sue. I'm going back out into the real world.

Marco...Polo. Marco-- (is hit with a forcefield by Sue)

My future wife!