Eurotrip quotes

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Scott: Cooper, the hat! The hat! The hat is on fire!
Cooper: "We don't need no water let the motha... "
Scott: I'm not kidding! Look!
Cooper: Oh, holy shit!

Cooper: (putting on the pope hat) Hey, check this out! I'm the pope!
Scott: Cooper... take off the pope hat.
Cooper: Oh, no. It's OK. I'm catholic.
Scott: Take it off, Goddammit!
Cooper: Oh, you took the Lord's name in vain! Only I can forgive you now, my son.

Scott: I'm in love with Mieke.
Cooper: Okay, okay, you know what? I was actually expecting this, and frankly, no, listen, I'm flattered that you picked me to come out to first. And don't worry about telling your folks, 'cause I think they already know.
Scott: No, you idiot. Mieke's a girl.
Cooper: No, no, no, I get it, yeah. He's the girl, then you're the girl. Sometimes you're both the girl. [pause] Right? Right? That's hot.

(Scott and cooper after entering the 'FEISTY GOAT' Bar in London) Scott: Hi, What do you wanna........ [pause] Soccer Hooligans
Cooper: Hey... This isn't where i parked my car.
English Guy: Oye, Who the bloody hell are you? This is private members bar exclusively for the supporters of the greatest football team in the world...... Manchester United. Now please enlighten me... Who the **** are you?
Cooper: That is a good question and... Scotty?
Scott: We're the Manchester United Fan Club... from Ohio
English Guy: If you are the Manchester United Supporters then sing the Manchester United song.
Scott: Excuse me, I'm sorry I'm not much of a singer
English Guy: OYE... SING
Scott: My baby takes the morning train, he works from 9 to 5 and then, he takes another home again, to find me watching [pause] The manchester United Football team! the best freakin' team in all the land woohoo!!"
English Guy: Pretty good.... pretty damn good lads, right!

Hooligan: [with heavy British accent] So, I tell the swamp donkey to sock it before I give her a trunkie in the tradesmens' entrance, and have her lick me yardballs! Ha, ha!...
Cooper: Wow... you guys are like on a completely different level of swearing here.