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Alice Sutton
Dr. Jonas
Jerry Fletcher

That guy is a restraining order waiting to happen. It's like he has a problem with the world.

They, they start when you're young, you know, in school. They Baden-Powell all the boys and-and they Betty Crocker all the girls!

This will put my words in your mouth. [while drugging Jerry]

We've been looking for you for a long time, Jerry.

Websites, newsletters, uh, self-published manifestos... they think we're kooks!

Why is this thing safe for me and not for my keys?

You ever wonder about these militia groups? Survivalist-type kooks on the right wing side? They say they're defending the country from U.N. troops. These guys are yelling so loud, my theory is that this is a conspiracy, pal -- they ARE the U.N. troops, and they're in place. The infrastructure's ready, it's a faith accompli. When the time comes, they'll just take over and we'll all be toast.

You know what they put in the water, don't you? Fluoride. Yeah, fluoride -- on the pretext that it strengthens your teeth! That's ridiculous. You know what that stuff does to you? It weakens your will, destroys your capacity for free and creative thought, and makes you a slave to the state!

You're after a man with no nose, not me! Not me!