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If the intelligence world was a family, we'd be the uncle no one ever talks about. Agent Lowry

[Jerry's latest passenger sighs contendedly as they pull away from the curb.]
Jerry Fletcher: The sound of love.
Passenger: Excuse me?
Jerry: That, what you just did. [imitates sigh] That's love.
Passenger: Love's just a pretty way of saying, "I want to sleep with you."
Jerry: Admit it. I saw you kiss her. This is the street where love lives.
Passenger: Love is bullshit.
Jerry: Love give you wings. It makes you fly. I don't even call it love. I call it "Geronimo".
Passenger: Geronimo?
Jerry: Yeah, Geronimo. See, when you're in love, you'll jump off the Empire State and you won't care. Screaming, "Geronimo" all the way down. It's great.
Passenger: Yeah, but then you'll die. You'll squash yourself. So what's the point?
Jerry: Hey, aren't you listening? I'm telling you, man -- love gives you wings!
Passenger: [laughs] She must be some girl.

[The street is flooded when Jerry stops to pick up his daily stack of newspapers.]
Flip [news vendor]: Water main broke all the way up on 40th Street and 7th Avenue. They say the subway's a damn river.
Jerry: Strange.
Flip: What's up, Jerry? What you thinking?
Jerry: Well... water mains don't usually break unless it's wintertime. The, uh, pipes burst open because it's cold. And.. it's only the First of October.
Flip: Reminds me of life in the Delta.
Jerry: Yeah. Mississippi, all right.
Flip: Mekong, my friend. Mekong.
Jerry: Hey, Flip... did I ever tell you that the whole Vietnam War was fought over a bet that Howard Hughes lost to Aristotle Onassis?

[Jerry is struggling with security guards, demanding to see Alice Sutton.]
Jerry Fletcher: I am an American citizen! I have a right to be here!
Alice Sutton: Officers! Officers, please! I'm Alice Sutton. I'll take it from here.
Jerry: [suddenly calm] Hi, Alice.
Alice: You need to start making appointments.
Jerry: Uh... can I make one now? Say, in a couple of minutes? I can wait if you're busy.
Alice: Come around.
Alice: I don't see the connection.
Jerry: You don't see the connection? Come on. Six major earthquakes in the last three-and-a-half years, and the space shuttle up in orbit for every single one of 'em. Don't you think that's a little strange?
Alice: Testing some top-secret seismic weapon?
Jerry: No, not testing. Using. Nukes are pass?. We're talking weapon of the future.
Alice: Okay, but I still don't see what it has to do with the president.
Jerry: The president is in Europe at the moment, and tomorrow he'll be, uh, in Turkey. Right here, along this fault line. And they sent up a space shuttle yesterday.
Alice: Motive?
Jerry: Motive? How about fifty billion dollars, how's that for a motive? The president's cutting funding for NASA, the milk-cow of the aerospace industry. And that's a lot of milk.
Alice: Um, so... you're telling me that NASA is going to kill the president of the United States with an earthquake
Jerry: It's not the kind of thing a Secret Service agent can, like, just throw himself on top of, is it?
Alice: Now, I have to go. My boss is looking to yell at me.
Jerry: Oh. Do you want me to talk to him? You know, smooth things out for you?
Alice: No, Jerry. I want you to go home, or wherever it is that you go. And I want you to make an appointment next time. Please? You can't just keep bursting in here.
Jerry: That's... it's just what they'd be expecting me to do. If I make an appointment --
Alice: Jerry. I have a serious job here. I have a boss I must answer to. Do you understand that?
Jerry: I'm sorry. You're right.
Alice: Use your common sense.
Jerry: Okay. Okay, deal. So, are you gonna warn him?
Alice: Who?
Jerry: [exasperated sigh] The president.
Alice: I'm not gonna promise you anything, okay?

[Jerry's silent captors are strapping him down in a wheelchair.]
Jerry: So, you guys must be spooks, right? Spooks? C.I.A.? Come on, say something. Please?
[The spooks start duct-taping his limbs in place]
Jerry: I was right! I was right! Uh... what was I right about?
[A blindingly bright light is shined in his face]
Jerry: I wasn't right about anything. I was wrong. I was wrong!
Dr. Jonas: To whom have you been talking, Jerry?
Jerry: Talking? I talk to all kinds of people. I mean, I drive a cab. I talk to people all day long.
Dr. Jonas: Who else knows what we know?
Jerry: What we... what do we know?
Dr. Jonas: [sternly] Who else knows what we know, Jerry?
Jerry: What? Tell me what. What do we know? What do we know? If I know what we know, then I could tell you what we know, and if someone else knows. Okay? I mean, it's... you gotta be more specific.
[Dr. Jonas holds up a syringe full of an unknown chemical.]
Jerry: Wh-what is that?
Dr. Jonas: Gravy for the brain.
Jerry: No... not gravy!

[Dr. Jonas catches Alice looking at his bandaged nose.]
Dr. Jonas: A dog bit it.
Alice Sutton: Pardon me?
Dr. Jonas: You were going to ask about my nose. A dog bit it. Poor animal is slated to be destroyed today.
Alice: And you feel sorry for it?
Dr. Jonas: It was my dog.
Alice Sutton: He said a dog bit his nose.
Jerry Fletcher: Arf.

Alice Sutton: Do you have any proof of this?
Jerry Fletcher: No. Absolutely not. I mean, a good conspiracy is an unproveable one.

[At his apartment, Jerry balances an empty bottle on the doorknob.]
Alice: Is that supposed to protect you from aliens or something?
Jerry: No, no. It's just a beer bottle.

[Agent Lowry appears to be unconscious after a blow to the head.]
Jerry: Are… are you pretending?
[Lowry stays limp; Jerry chambers a round.]
Lowry: [sitting up] Yes. Yes, okay.
Jerry: [hitting him again] Sorry.

Jerry: David Berkowitz, Ted Bundy, Richard Speck…
Alice: What about them?
Jerry: Serial killers. Serial killers only have two names, you ever notice that? But lone-gunman assassins, they always have three names. John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, Mark David Chapman…
Alice: John Hinckley. He shot Reagan. He only has two names.
Jerry: Yeah, but he only just shot Reagan. Reagan didn't die. If Reagan had died, I'm pretty sure… we probably would all know what John Hinckley's middle name was.

Jerry Fletcher: I love you.
Alice: Jerry, no, no, you don't love me.
Jerry Fletcher: Sure I do.
Alice: No, no.
Jerry Fletcher: I don't?

[A captive aboard a helicopter, Jerry watches Alice flee for her life from Dr. Jonas' henchmen.]
Jerry Fletcher: Alice...
Dr. Jonas: You shouldn't watch, Jerry. This is a moment without hope.
Jerry: You've never seen her run.

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