[Jerry's silent captors are strapping him down in a wheelchair.]
Jerry: So, you guys must be spooks, right? Spooks? C.I.A.? Come on, say something. Please?
[The spooks start duct-taping his limbs in place]
Jerry: I was right! I was right! Uh... what was I right about?
[A blindingly bright light is shined in his face]
Jerry: I wasn't right about anything. I was wrong. I was wrong!
Dr. Jonas: To whom have you been talking, Jerry?
Jerry: Talking? I talk to all kinds of people. I mean, I drive a cab. I talk to people all day long.
Dr. Jonas: Who else knows what we know?
Jerry: What we... what do we know?
Dr. Jonas: [sternly] Who else knows what we know, Jerry?
Jerry: What? Tell me what. What do we know? What do we know? If I know what we know, then I could tell you what we know, and if someone else knows. Okay? I mean, it's... you gotta be more specific.
[Dr. Jonas holds up a syringe full of an unknown chemical.]
Jerry: Wh-what is that?
Dr. Jonas: Gravy for the brain.
Jerry: No... not gravy!
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