Bringing Up Baby

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Dr. David Huxley
Susan Vance

[Despite David's attempts to convinvce her otherwise, Susan has just played his golfball.]
Susan: You shouldn't do that, you know.
David: What shouldn't I do?
Susan: Talk while someone's shooting. Well anyway, I forgive you because I got a good shot.
David: But you don't understand.
Susan: See, there it is right next to the pin.
David: But that has nothing to do with it.
Susan: Oh, are you playing too?
David: No, I've just driven off the first tee and I hooked—
Susan: I see you're a stranger here. You should be over there. This is the 18th fairway and I'm right on the green.

Alice: [of Mr. Peabody] ...A lot depends on the impression you make on him.
David: ...I'll wow him! I'll knock him for a loop!
Alice: David, no slang. Remember who and what you are.
David: Oh yes, that's right.

David: Well, I might have known you were here. I had a feeling just as I hit the floor.
Susan: That was your hat.

Now it isn't that I don't like you, Susan, because, after all, in moments of quiet, I'm strangely drawn toward you, but — well, there haven't been any quiet moments.

How can all these things happen to just one person?

The point is I have a leopard. The question is, 'What am I gonna do with it?'

There are only two things I have to do: finish my brontosaurus and get married at three o'clock.

Susan,... Susan, I don't know, you look at everything upside down. I've never known any one quite like you.

[Susan and David are in jail]
Susan: Anyway, David, when they find out who we are they'll let us out.
David: When they find out who you are they'll pad the cell.

[In a dangerous tone, to Susan] Let's play a game... Watch, I'll put my hand over my eyes and then you go away... See and I'll count to ten, and when I take my hand down you will be gone!

When a man is wrestling a leopard in the middle of a pond, he's in no position to run.

[David discovers the leopard in Susan's bathroom]
David: Susan, you've got to get out of this apartment!
Susan: I can't, I have a lease.

There is a leopard on your roof and it's my leopard and I have to get it and to get it I have to sing.

[Susan is accosted by a psychiatrist convinced she's crazy]
Susan: You don't seem to understand that there's a million dollars at stake.
Dr. Fritz Lehman: A million dollars?
Susan: Yes.
Dr. Lehman: [pointing into the house] Well, you will get it. I have it right in there. All in one dollar bills.

Susan: [hurt] You mean you want me to go home?
David: Yes.
Susan: You mean you don't want me to help you any more?
David: Yes.
Susan: After all the fun we've had?
David: Yes.
Susan: [indignantly] And after all the things I've done for you?
David: That's what I mean.