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Dorothy Vallens
Frank Booth

**** you, you ****ing ****!

All right. Let's hit the ****in' road, we're givin' our neighbor a joy ride. Let's get on with it. Bye, Ben. Anyone, uh, want to go on a joy ride with us. [to Dorothy] How about you? Huh? Hey, no smile for Frank? No? OK. **** it. Let's go. Now it's dark. [shouting]Let's ****! I'll **** anything that moves!


Dorothy: Hello baby.
Frank: Shut up. It's Daddy you shit-head. Where's my bourbon? Can't you ****in' remember anything? Now it's dark. Spread your legs. Wider. Show it to me. Don't you ****in' look at me!

[to Ben] Suave! Goddamn you're one suave ****er!

Where's the glasses? That beer's gonna get warm. One thing I can't ****in' stand is warm beer! It makes me ****in' puke!

Hey, neighbor! You shit for brains, man. You forgot I have a police radio. One well-dressed ****in' man knows where your ****in' cute little butt's hidin', huh. You stupid ****. **** with me, man. Here I come! Ready or not! You ****. I can hear your ****in' radio, you stupid shit. You've got about one ****in' second to live, buddy. You're a sorry piece of shit, mister. Hey pretty, pretty...What the ****. Where are you? Where are you?

Detective Williams: Well now Jeffrey, you found something which is very interesting to us. Very interesting. I know you must be curious to know more. But I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask you now not only not to tell anyone about your find but also not to ask more about the case. One day, when it's all sewed up, I'll let you know all the details. Right now, though, I can't.
Jeffrey: I understand. I'm just real curious like you said.
Detective Williams: I was the same way myself when I was your age. I guess that's what got me into this business.
Jeffrey: It must be great.
Detective Williams: It's horrible too.

Dorothy: What do you want to do?
Jeffrey: I'll do anything.
Dorothy: Are you a bad boy?
Jeffrey: What do you mean?
Dorothy: Do you want to do bad things? Anything? Anything?
Jeffrey: What do you want?
Dorothy: I want you to hurt me.
Jeffrey: No, I don't want to hurt you. I told you I want to help you. Dorothy, I know some of what's happening. Frank has your husband and son doesn't he? You've got to do something. Go to the police.
Dorothy: No police!! No police!! Go on, hit me. Hit me!
Jeffrey: No, no.
Dorothy: Get away! Get away from my bedroom!

Dorothy: [to Frank] Hello baby.
Frank: Who is this ****?
Dorothy: A friend, he's from the neighborhood. We were just talking.
Frank: Oh, you're 'from the neighborhood.'
Jeffrey: Yeah.
Frank: You're a neighbor. Well what's your name neighbor?
Jeffrey: Jeffrey.
Dorothy: He's a good kid, Frank.
Frank: Shut the **** up! [to Jeffrey] Hey, you wanta go for a ride?
Jeffrey: No thanks.
Frank: No thanks. What does that mean?
Jeffrey: I don't want to go.
Frank: Go where?
Jeffrey: On a ride.
Frank: A ride? Hell, that's a good idea. Okay, let's go. Hey, let's go.

Frank: What kinda beer do you like?
Jeffrey: Heineken
Frank: Heineken? **** that shit! **** that Heineken shit! Pabst Blue Ribbon!

Now it's dark.

You got about one ****in' second to live buddy!

[Inhaling helium while shooting] HEY PRETTY PRETTY!

Gordon went right up to 'em in broad daylight of course, cause he's the man, right? And he took all those drugs away. It was ****in' beautiful. Candy colored clown they call the Sand Man.