Dorothy Vallens quotes

[on the phone] Hello. Yes sir. Frank. Frank, let me talk to him. Please Frank, sir. I like to sing Blue Velvet. Don? Don? It's all right. Don't worry. Don?? Don? Can you hear me? Is little Donny all right? Is he there with you? Don? You mean Meadow Lane? Frank, Frank, what's the matter with him? In an hour. I'll be sweet. Mommy loves you. OK, Frank, sir.

What are you doing in my closet, Jeffrey Beaumont?

[to Jeffrey] Get undressed. I want to see you...I want to see you. Get undressed...Come closer, closer. What do you want? Don't move. Don't look at me. Do you like that? Don't touch me or I'll kill you. Do you like talk like that? [a knock at the door] Shut up. Don't say anything. Go hide in the closet. Don't say anything or he'll kill you. I mean it.

[to Jeffrey] I have your disease in me now.

[singing] And I still can see Blue Velvet through my tears.

Hit me!!

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