Blades of Glory

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Chazz Michael Michaels
Jimmy MacElroy

"They laughed at Louis Armstrong when he said he was going to the moon. Now he's up there, laughing at them."

"Hey, I was on Quaaludes, I don't even remember Oslo. But I remember Boston.... and that victory was as sweet as the cream pie for which the town was named."

"Michaels and MacElroy are a freight train from Hell, okay?? We're going straight up the ass of the competition, Scott."

" These guys put the bone in Zamboni"

"Hey, Nancy Kerrigan?? You an official here?? Because you have officially given me a boner. I'm a sex addict. It's my cross to bear."

"Hi, it's Jimmy!! If you can dream it, you can do it!!"

"We love you, Denver!! City by the bay.... John Denver!!"

[The title of a book of poetry he published] "Let Me Put My Poems In You."

"For about a month, my urine smelled like marshmallows."

"Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy are figure skating... BOOM!!"

"...I'm a sex addict and I'm attracted to women..."

"I am never satisfied. It's a curse."

"No exaggeration, I couldn't love a human baby as much as I love this brush."

"It makes my hair shine like Orion's belt out there on the ice."

"He loves food, and he likes dreams,(whispers).... and his favorite movie is Short Circuit.... and Fried Green Tomatoes."