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Captain Mike Steele
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Sergeant Matt Eversmann

Sgt. Eversmann: There's a Black Hawk down. Twombly, Nelson — you're gonna stay stay here and hold this corner and then exfil with the humvees. Galentine, Schmid — your'e coming with me. All right? Let's go.
Nelson: How come I gotta stay back here?
Eversmann: Because you're dependable. (To Schmid and Galentine) All right, let's go!
Nelson: I hate being dependable man.

Tech. Sgt. Wilkinson (SAR medic): " After I'm done with this I'll whip you boys up some margaritas. The usual, blended, no salt."

(McKnight halts his shot-up convoy at the original start point; his driver, Maddox, has a face full of shrapnel.)
Col. Harrell: Okay, Danny, I need a no-B.S. assessment here. Can you get to the crash site?
Pvt. Maddox: Colonel? I can't see shit.
Lt.Col. McKnight: Negative. With the amount of wounded we have, we'd do more harm than good. We need to come back to base, rearm and regroup, and then we can go back out.
Harrell: Roger.
Gen. Garrison: C-2, bring them back. Get them out of there.
Harrell: Roger. Return to base.
McKnight: We're going home!

Mr. Atto: I see not catching Aidid is becoming routine.
General Garrison: We're not leaving Somalia until we find him. And we will find him.
Mr.Atto: Don't make the mistake of thinking because I grew up without running water I am simple General. I do know something about history. See all this? It's simply shaping tomorrow. A tomorrow without a lot of Arkansas white-boys' ideas in it.
Gen. Garrison: Well, I wouldn't know about that. I'm from Texas.
Mr. Atto: Mr. Garrison, I think you should not have come here. This is civil war. This is our war, not yours.
Garrison: Three hundred thousand dead and counting. That's not a war, Mr. Atto. That's genocide.

(CWO Durant has been taken prisoner.)
Somali Militiaman: You are the Ranger who kills my people?
CWO Durant: I'm not a Ranger. I'm a pilot.
Durant: What do you want with me?
Militiaman: You have taken hostages. We... have you.
Durant: My government will never negotiate for me.
Militiaman: Then perhaps you and I can negotiate, huh? Soldier to soldier.
Durant: I'm not in charge.
Militiaman: Course not. You have the power to kill, but not negotiate. In Somalia, killing is negotiation. Do you really think if you get General Aidid, we will simply put down our weapons and adopt American democracy? That the killing will stop? We know this: without victory, there can be no peace. There will always be killing, you see? This is how things are, in our world.

"Hey - who's hungry?"

(Hoot removes magazine from the dead Cpl. Smith's rifle.)
Sgt. Eversmann: What are you doing?
Hoot: We need the ammo. (a long pause) You did all you could here.
Eversmann: They should've sent a medivac.
Hoot: Well, right now we'd be out there defending another crashed chopper, and more men would get torn up.
Eversmann: Maybe.
Hoot: See, you're thinking. Don't. Because, Sergeant, you can't control who gets hit or who doesn't. Who falls out of a chopper, or why. It ain't up to you. It's just war.
Eversmann: Yeah, well, Smith's still dead. If Blackburn hadn't fallen, none of this would've happened.
Hoot: Would have, could have, should have - it don't matter. You'll have plenty of time to think about that later. Believe me.

(Sgt. Ruiz was badly wounded during the move toward the crash site.)
Capt. Steele: Sergeant? Sergeant Ruiz, how you doing?
Sgt. Ruiz: Our guys aren't gonna come get us. They're not gonna come for us!
Steele: I need you to suck it up, Sergeant. I need you to focus for me. All right? Can you do that? (Ruiz nods) Now, can you hold your weapon?
Ruiz: Yes, sir.
Steele: Anybody comes through that door, you give 'em two in the chest and one in the head. You understand?
Ruiz: I'm still in the fight, sir. Still in the fight.

(Goffena is still over the second crash; ground support keeps getting delayed.)
CWO Goffena: There's a large crowd advancing six, seven blocks from the crash. Shughart and Gordon again request permission to secure until convoy arrives. Over.
Col. Harrell: General, the crowd's in the hundreds now. From where they are they can see things clearer than any of us. They know what they're asking.
Gen. Garrison: Let me talk to them. this is Garrison. I want to make sure y'all know what you're asking for, so say it out loud and clear.
MSG. Gordon: We're asking to go in and set up a perimeter until ground support arrives.
Garrison: And you realize I cannot tell you when that will be? It could take quite a while.
SFC. Shughart: Roger that.
Garrison: You still want to go in there?
Gordon: Yes, sir.
Garrison: Colonel Harrell, it's your call.
Harrell: Roger that. Goffena, put them in.

SSG Eversmann: You know, it's kind of funny. Beautiful beach, beautiful sun... this could almost be a good place to visit.
Hoot: Almost.
Eversmann: You don't think we should be here.
Hoot: You know what I think? It don't really matter what I think. Once that first bullet goes past your head, politics and all that shit just goes right out the window.

(In a derelict building, Grimes has a pot over a small flame.)
Sanderson: What the hell you doing?
Grimes: It's all in the grind, Sergeant. Can't be too fine, can't be too coarse.
Sanderson: Grimesy, you are squared away.
Grimes: Sergeant, how'd you like a nice hot cup of joe? Gold Coast blend.
Sanderson: Sit down. I want to take a look at that foot.
Grimes: Aw, no, it's not a problem.
Sanderson: Come on, come on. (Grimes sits and removes his boot; Sanderson applies a bandage) Where the hell did they find you?
Grimes: Behind a desk. (Sanderson laughs) No, really! What, you think I'm kidding?

Harrell: Uniform 6-4, left turn, left turn.
McKnight: Romeo 6-4, I need to know before I get to the GOD-DAMNED STREET!
Harrell: You need to slow down. there's a delay from the time directions are relayed from Surveillance to JOC, and then to me.
McKnight: We can't slow down! We're taking heavy enemy fire, we can't slow down!
Harrell: You should see the crash site directly ahead.
McKnight: All I see is a roadblock!
Harrell: All right... I'll have to figure out another way.

Lt. Beals: Ask Sergeant Eversmann. He likes the Skinnies.
Unidentified Chalk Four soldier: Sergeant Eversmann, you really like the Skinnies?
SSG Eversmann: It's not that I like them or don't like them. I respect them.

Nelson: The humvees ain't coming back, dude.
Twombly: What? Were we supposed to go to them?
Nelson: I thought they were supposed to come to us.
Twombly: I think we're supposed to go to them.
Nelson: Shit.
Twombly: Okay, let's go to the crash site.
Nelson: Okay. Just don't fire that thing so close to my head. I can barely hear as it is.
(Twombly spots a group of Somali militia closing in on them.)
Twombly: Shit! Get down! (He fires a long burst inches above Nelson's head.)
Nelson: What did I just tell you? I swear to God if you do that again -- (Twombly fires on another group of armed Somalis; Nelson screams.)
Twombly: You okay? Nelson, you all right?
Nelson: WHAT?!?

(Twombly and Nelson have linked up with Sgt. Yurek, another cut-off member of Chalk Four.)
Twombly: Dude, where the **** have you been? Never mind. You brought NOD, right?
Yurek: No. No, I didn't bring it. You wanna know why? Because you said, "You won't need that, dude, we'll be back in a half hour."
Twombly: Well, I wasn't saying it to you. Man, we are gonna need night vision!
Yurek: Nelson, cover this way. (Nelson seemingly ignores him; Yurek turns Nelson to face him.) What's the matter with you?
Nelson: HUH?
Twombly: Oh, uh, he's deaf. It's-it's my fault. We need to get out of here.
Yurek: We can't be far from the crash. Which way?
Twombly: We thought you might know.