General William Garrison quotes

"Make no mistake: once you're in Bakara Market you're in an entirely hostile district. Don't underestimate their capabilities. We'll be going through friendly districts before hitting the market, so remember the rules of engagement: nobody fires unless fired upon. Now, Let's go get this thing done. Good luck, gentlemen."

"Good luck, boys! Be careful. No one gets left behind."

"We just lost the initiative."

"Look, we have stirred up a hornet's nest here. We're fighting the entire city. I want every vehicle possible that's got four wheels and armor. Get it — get everything."

"Well, you tell the general this: I understand, but it is my duty to remind him that my men are surrounded by thousands of armed Somali militia. It is imperative that we move them out of the hostile area and into the safe zone. I need his help now."

"Ground personnel will have to mark target positions with infrared strobes. Get Little Birds on strafing runs and keep 'em going all night long. If we don't hold back this city... we're gonna have a hundred caskets to fill by morning."

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