Captain Mike Steele quotes

"You Delta boys are bunch of undisciplined cowboys. Let me tell you something, Sergeant. When we get on the five yard line, you're gonna need my Rangers. So y'all better learn to be team players."

"If I ever see you undermine me again, I'll have you cleaning latrines with your tongue until you can't taste the difference between shit and french fries. Are we clear?"

"We are combat-ineffective, you understand me? We got too damn many wounded to move!"

"Two-five, this is Six-four. That's a negative on the medivac, it's not possible. JOC can't risk losing another bird. You're just gonna have to hold on."

"Tenth Mountain? No! Sir, with all due respect, my Rangers can provide rear security. We'll walk you out of the hot zone and then jump on the last few vehicles."

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