Black Hawk Down

Black Hawk Down quotes

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Captain Mike Steele
General William Garrison
Lieutenant Colonel Danny McKnight
Multiple Characters
Sergeant Matt Eversmann

"We are combat-ineffective, you understand me? We got too damn many wounded to move!"

"Two-five, this is Six-four. That's a negative on the medivac, it's not possible. JOC can't risk losing another bird. You're just gonna have to hold on."

"Tenth Mountain? No! Sir, with all due respect, my Rangers can provide rear security. We'll walk you out of the hot zone and then jump on the last few vehicles."

"We just lost the initiative."

"Well, you tell the general this: I understand, but it is my duty to remind him that my men are surrounded by thousands of armed Somali militia. It is imperative that we move them out of the hostile area and into the safe zone. I need his help now."

Pvt. Blackburn: "Well, I came here to kick some ass."

Cpl. Jamie Smith: "Ev, I'm telling you, man. It's gonna be nothing."

Cpl. Jamie Smith: "If Colonel McKnight went back to the base camp, he had a good reason. It changes nothing."

Tech. Sgt. Wilkinson (SAR medic): " After I'm done with this I'll whip you boys up some margaritas. The usual, blended, no salt."

Somali Militiaman: That's right - none of you Americans smoke anymore. You all live long, dull, uninteresting lives."

SP4 Grimes: (in the back of a Pakistani vehicle) "Come on! These ****ing things are bullet magnets. Come on!"

SP4 Grimes: (after he was knocked to the ground by the shockwave of a RPG) "**** thiiiis!!"

SP4 Grimes: "I can hear bells ringing..."

Sgt. Sanderson: "Grimes? Uh, a little short on coffee... but I got you some tea."

Sgt. Lorenzo Ruiz:(in field hospital) "Don't go out without me. Don't go back out there without me. I can still do my job."