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Billy Madison
Game show host
O'Doyle Family

[Menacingly] O'Doyle, I think you and your family are headed for a big fall... [Chirpy] but right now, I gotta study.

Shampoo is better; I go on first and clean the hair! Conditioner is better; I leave the hair silky and smooth! Oh, really, fool? Really! [He notices a gold swan on the edge of the bathtub.] Stop looking at me, swan!

Well, I made the duck blue because I've never seen a blue duck before, and, to be honest with you, I wanted to see a blue duck.

( after Ernie hangs up the phone ) YOU BLEW IT!

Er Dad do we have to discuss this with Captain Dipshit in the room?

He called the shit poop!

Actually, I got this shirt from Frank.

Hey, kids it's me! I bet you thought that I was dead! But when I fell over I just broke my leg and got a hemorrhage in my head! Ha Ha!

Is that it, Dad? Did the penguin tell you to do this?

O'Doyle rules!

[Billy after he hallucinates and sees the penguin at Veronica's house][drunkenly]Oh. I see how it is. So sorry to interrupt!, Junior!

You ain't cool, unless, you pee your pants. All the kids my age pee their pants, it's the coolest.

It's nudey magazine day!

You know I like Snack pack, why can't you just give me the snack pack?