Big Trouble

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Arthur Herk
Eliot Arnold
Henry Desalvo

Arthur Herk: Make her stop! God in heaven! Make her stop! She wants my soul!!!
Martha Stewart: Arugula! Arugula! Arrrrrrrrugula!

[About Arthur] Arthur Herk. One of the few Floridians who was not confused when he voted for Pat Buchanan.

[About Puggy, who has just been paid five dollars for manual lifting and has found a 'home' in a tree] After only twenty-four hours in Miami, Puggy had already found more satisfactory employment and lived in a better neighbourhood than I did.

[After his son has just called him a loser] Okay, now it's my turn. Up yours, you little shithead. Okay, your turn.

I need a missile.

Make her stop, god in heaven make her stop SHE WANTS MY SOUL!!!

Morning, douchebag.

Nina, this is my house, you work for me, and I want to suck your toes.

[Whilst watching the chaotic goings-on at Arthur Herk's house] Moron #2 just got Moron #1 all wet.

[Whilst watching the chaotic goings-on at Arthur Herk's house] There goes the warranty... and there goes the Iron Chef.

[Having narrowly escaped arrest from a disinterested police officer] Well, Miami sucks. But the cops are kind of nice.

There isn't any rule that says I can't come over here and fart on your entree.

Was that a goat?!

[Trapped on a delayed plane with idiotic sports fans after a surreal day in Miami] I really feel like killing someone.

[Whilst pointing a gun at three thugs who walk towards him while he is speaking to his employer on the phone] "Not right now, okay?"