Bad Boys II

Bad Boys II quotes

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Marcus Burnett
Mike Lowery

Mike, I can't even get an erection. I tried taking Viagra. Popped one, popped two. I've been eating them like Skittles.

Dan Marino should definitely buy this car. Well not this one, cause I'm gonna **** this one up. But he should get one just like it.

[Repeated Line] Woosah...

Mike Lowery: Crash the ambulance into the mortuary now.
Detective Mateo Reyes: [over radio] No way. I'm not getting suspended again.
Mike Lowery: I'm gonna whoop your asses if you don't crash that ambulance into the mortuary now.

[Mike walks into the room, wearing a new purple suit]
Marcus Burnett: Are you a cop or a model?
Mike Lowery: Hey, man, I like lookin' good, that's all.
Marcus Burnett: For who?
Mike Lowery: Hey man, don't hate the playa, hate the game.
Marcus Burnett: Hate the tailor.

Mike, I just had an erection. Call up the wife tell her I am on The Way!

[to Mike] You're like a pitbull with that pink thing hanging out.

Mike Lowery: Captain, is it possible we can discuss potential reimbursement...
Capt. Howard: The department doesn't cover personal property, that's why we drive police cars.

Marcus Burnett: You see that?
Mike Lowery: They throwin' cars. How'd I not see that.
Marcus Burnett: Hey, Mike, I'm just trying to be helpful.
Mike Lowery: Hey, you'd know what would be ****in' helpful, Marcus? Just shut the **** up and let me drive, let's try that.

It ain't exactly a pool, man. It's like a big-ass puddle wrapped in blue plastic.

Change the station... more music less Marcus. If you open the door he'll be a black Dr. Phil for the next 40 minutes.

Mike Lowery: Hey, isn't it low tide?
Marcus Burnett: Yes, I think it is.
Mike Lowery: Don't you have some relatives that you need to go pick up?
Detective Mateo Reyes: You went too far on that one.

Damn, it's the niggras!

See, that's that new spiritual shit my partner's on. Me? I actually prefer shooting mother****ers.

Marcus Burnett: To the DEA you're nothing but a honeypot.
Syd: What did you say?
Marcus Burnett: It's no wonder you got the job because you look good in a bathing suit.