Marcus Burnett quotes

[to his sister, a Miami DEA agent] That was reckless, that was stupid, and that was dangerous. [pauses] I'm telling Mom.

[Repeated Line] Woosah...

I think we just broke the record for the number of gun fights in one week.

[to Mike] You're like a pitbull with that pink thing hanging out.

[staring into the captain's fishbowl after ingesting X] This is a nice fish. Big ****in' eyes, but a nice ****in' fish.

Damn, it's the niggras!

Mike, I can't even get an erection. I tried taking Viagra. Popped one, popped two. I've been eating them like Skittles.

Mike, I just had an erection. Call up the wife tell her I am on The Way!

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