Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery quotes

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Austin Powers
Doctor Evil
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[to Vanessa] I think you're shagedelic, baby! You're switched on! You're smashing! You're a bit of alright!

[Vanessa catches Austin in his underwear] Wait, Vanessa, I can explain. You see, I was looking for Dr. Evil when the Fembots came out and smoke started coming out of their jumblies. So I started to work my mojo, to counter their mojo; we got cross-mojulation, and their heads started exploding, that thing, and then I'm in my knickers here and... [exhales]

Allow myself to introduce... myself. My name is Richie Cunningham and this is my wife, Oprah.

Austin Powers... Danger's my middle name.

Do I make you horny? Do I make you randy, baby, yeah, do I?

Do you like your quasi-futuristic clothes, Mr. Powers? I designed them myself.

Finally, we come to my number-two man. His name? Number Two.

Groovy, baby!

How do you like to do it? Do you like to wash up first? You know, top and tails... whore's bath? Personally before I'm on the job, I like to give my undercarriage a bit of a how's-your-father!

I demand the sum of ... ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

I had the group LIQUIDATED, you little shit. They were insolent.

I like to see girls of that... caliber. [pause] By "caliber," of course, I refer to both the size of their gun barrels and the high quality of their characters... two meanings... caliber... it's a homonym... Forget it.

I've been frozen for 30 years. I've got to see if my bits and pieces are still working. [taps crotch] Hello? Are you awake?

It's freedom, baby, yeah!

It's frickin' freezing in here, Mr. Bigglesworth!