Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls quotes

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Ace Ventura

[inspects the dwelling of the sacred bat] Quite an auspicious dwelling for a filthy flying weasel.

Do I have something in my teeth?

Meeting with sinister types much? A-not 'too much', a 'much too much'.

I had a dog, and his name was... BINGO!

The urine stain on your pants signifies that you are a single-shake man, far too busy for the follow-up jiggle.

Friends! Rodents! Quadrupeds! Lend me your rears! [does a Tarzan yell through his rear]

I'll have you know that I have the reflexes of a cat and the speed of a mongoose. Throw it. I DARE YA!

It is the mucus that binds us.

Your request is not unlike your lower intestine: stinky, and loaded with danger.

Don't mind me, Mr Quinn. I'm just a curious little rhino!

Kinda hot in these rhinos...

Awww, nobody wants to play with me!

We love you, dark continent! Good night!

Guano bowls! Collect the whole set!

You know... gingivitis is the number one cause of all tooth decay.