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Bartleby Gaines
Ben Lewis
Freaky Guy
Sherman Schrader

This kitchen is bitchin'.

This place is awesome, now I can finally get hepatitis.

Want a Glen Wad?

We could have a Battle Royale!

What is education? It's paying attention, it's opening yourself up to this great big ball of shit that we call life, and what's the worst thing that can happen? You get bit in the ass! Well let me tell you, my ass looks like hamburger meat, but I can still sit down!

You date Monica Morlan? I think about her while I masturbate.

[dressed in a hotdog costume, chasing after a student] Hey, ask me about my wiener!

[referring to the abandoned asylum] Great, the birthplace of crack.

[when Hoyt Ambrose comes to talk to him] Let me guess, you want me to sign a petition banning minorities from your yacht club. No?