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I am so tired by the way you people talk. You know, I mean, "one day at a time." What is that? I mean, like two, three days at a time is an option?

I bet you can't sit still and be quiet for even one minute.

I have a question. Once we all leave, we have needs that are going to need to be filled... by people... physically... at times. How and when can we do that? Not how, just when?

I like those spider plants, but whatever turns you on.

I understand. Marry a cute girl, move to the suburbs, spend your weekends mowing. You'll never want to do coke again.

I'll buy running shoes. We'll take up yoga-- or, jogging. You know, we'll be organized. Pay our bills, we'll floss our teeth. We won't set fire to the apartment anymore. I'll buy a goldfish, and we'll be like normal people.

I'm not a lesbian!

If that will make you happy, I will stop drinking. And then I would tell myself, "Tonight, I will not get wasted." And then something would happen. Or nothing would happen. And, uh, I'd get that feeling. I think you all know what that feeling is. When your skin is screaming and your hands are shaking. Uh, and your stomach feels like it wants to jump through your throat. And you know, that if anyone had a clue how wrong it felt to be sober, they wouldn't dream of asking you to stay that way. They would say, "Oh, geeze, I didn't know. Here. It's okay for you. Do that mound of cocaine. Have a drink. Have 20 drinks. Whatever you need to do to feel like a normal human being, you do it. And boy, I did it. I drank and I snorted, and I drank and I snorted, and drank and I snorted, and I did this day after day after day after night after night. And I didn't care about the consequences, because I knew they couldn't be half as bad as not using. And then one night, something happened. I woke up. I woke up on a sidewalk. And I had no idea where I was. I couldn't have told you the city I was in. And my head was pounding, and I looked down and my shirt is covered in blood. And as I'm lying there, wondering what happens next, I head a voice, and it said, "Man, this is not a way to live. This is a way to die."

Just break open the bread.

Look, I know peoples perceptions of girls who screw other girls' boyfriends. I know what the world's perception is on someone who goes into a bar and realizes five hours later that I've left my three-year-old godson in the back of the car. I mean, people don't like people like that. They don't like-- I don't like people like that.

Look, I messed up. I got riled up, and there isn't a lot I can do about it right now. Except I just want to say I'm sorry, and uh, you know, people make mistakes. If you can't handle that-- it you-- if you want to decide that, uh, my messing up means I'm not worth being your friend, then you aren't half as smart as you think you are.

No fraternization- that's romance and/or sex- between patients. Oh, and we chant here. Don't be put off by it. It's just some people prefer it to the serenity prayer.

No one adult human being is happy! People are born, they have a limited amount of time going around thinking life is dandy but then, inevitably, tragedy strikes and they realize life equals loss! The whole point of the game is to minimize the pain caused by that equation! Now some people do it by having kids, or making money, or taking up coin collecting, and others do it by getting wasted. Letting that little switch in the head turn the hot light off and the cool light on.

Oh, so our therapist today is a very large, smelly, beast of burden.

Oh. I killed the plant.