Andrea quotes

Well, I'm not a fan of all soap operas. Just Santa Cruz. I mean, it's just an incredible show. I saw it the first time, um, when I was in the hospital a while ago after I got out of my first rehab center. There was this girl on the show, who's Darien. She was also hospitalized, and it was like I was staring at myself. I mean, not physically, cause I don't have the curly hair and stuff. I mean, this whole thing had happened with her. She'd actually been impregnated by her brother, but, she obviously didn't know it was her brother at the time, and... And I don't have a brother, but I have sisters... So it's really sort of, um, been an inspiration... for me. And, it's really, sort of, helped me stay sober... off and on...

She didn't come. I waited all day for her. I did my hair.

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