Eddie Valiant quotes

Here's to the pencil pushers. May they all get lead poisoning.

Judge Doom: Surprised? [after Eddie realizes that Doom is a toon]

Eddie: Not really. That lame-brain freeway idea could only be cooked up by a toon.
[moves the street line towards a wall, Lena Hyena crashes into the wall] Toons. Gets 'em every time.

Scotch on the rocks. AND I MEAN ICE!

[After watching the newsreel] That's it!! THAT'S the connection!!!

[to Roger as Doom tries his "Shave-and-a-haircut trick"] I don't know who's toonier, you or Doom.

[After the Weasels have noisily machine-gunned their way into his office] Hello, boys. Didn't hear you come in.

[After Smart Ass points a gun into him] You keep talking like that, and I'm gonna have to wash your mouth out! [puts soap to Smart Ass's mouth]

[A weasel tries to frisk Jessica too close to her cleavage, and gets his hand caught in a bear-trap hidden therein] Nice booby-trap.

[After Smart Ass disagrees with the song lyrics] No, but this does. [kicks Smart Ass to the dip mixer, killing him]

[After Doom is flattened] Holy smoke, he's a toon!

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