White Men Can't Jump

White Men Can't Jump quotes

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Billy Hoyle
Multiple Characters
Sydney Deane

A white man wants to win first, look good second. A black man wants to look good first, win second.

Yo, pretty boy! I looked up basketball player in the dictionary and it said 'Not you!'

You're too pretty to play basketball, you know that? You got that Z in your 'fro! Hey man, what are you, the Black Zorro?

Who you callin' a pilgrim mother****er? Gobble this turkey!

Raymond: who rattled your cage dickhead?

Sidney: Hey hey man, what's the score? Yo! Chump! I'm talking to you! I'm talking to the ****ing air.
Billy: My name ain't chump, it's Billy Hoyle.
Sidney: Billy Hoyle. BILLY HOYLE. Billy Hoyle. Okay Billy... can you count to ten, Billy?
Billy: Yeah.
Sidney: Good. What's the score... Billy?
Billy: I don't know.
Sidney: Then you're a chump!
Billy: I may be a chump, I just said that wasn't my name.

Gloria: Teammates can't hustle each other.
Rhonda: Why not?
Gloria: It's not artistic.

Billy: You calling me ugly?
Sidney: Your mother did!

Sidney: Billy, I have four words for you: "Listen to the Woman".
Billy: What the hell does that mean, "Listen to the woman"? I TRIED to listen to the woman and you're the one who talked me out of it.
Sidney: Wait a minute. I didn't talk you out of anything. I presented you with an option and you took it.