The Way of the Gun

The Way of the Gun quotes

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Joe Sarno

I promise you a day of reckoning you won't live long enough to forget.

But, you know then you got the otherside. You got these trigger-happy ****s all about shooting and posturing and "you don't know who I am" kind of thing..."I been to prison".

Follow me Tonto.

[After being beaten to a pulp in the opening scene.] For the record I'll call myself Mr. Parker. My associate will be Mr. Longbaugh.

You know what I'm gonna tell God when I see him? I'm gonna tell him I was framed.

Longbaugh: You have too much faith in people.
Parker: How can you kidnap someone without it?

There's always free cheese in a mousetrap.

We're not talking about how long you're gonna live, but how slow you're gonna die.

The longest distance between two points is a kidnapper and his money.

Wanna get out now? Wanna quit? This is never gonna come your way again.

To tell you the truth, I don't think this is a brains type of operation.

To let live.

What are you gonna tell God now?

Robin, we're going to take your baby out now.

[Before he and Parker walk into a shootout]If we die, we die alone.