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Van Wilder

Vance Wilder, Sr: Sweet Joesph, my son's a fairy.

McDoogle: Ok, Wilder. Let's dance.
Van: It's a good day to die, McDoogle.

Van: Now, repeat after me. No **** pump...
Taj: No **** pump.

Those circus midgets can NOT hold their booze!

I'd like you to meet Sherri and Terri. Two girls utterly infatuated with men who have larger than normal... medulla oblongata's.

Sharing a half-calf latte and a penalty box with Gwen Pearson who believes that censorship reflects society's lack of confidence in itself.

Richard, you rascal, you never told me you were a DIK! [under breath] Not that you had to.

Her name is Naomi. That's 'I MOAN' backwards.

This is the Great White Barry.

You must be Pre-Med Dick.

Hey, look. That old bag is stronger than she looks.

Well, it is the NAKED mile run; everyone else will be in their birthday suits. Except for that guy...

Don't be a fool, wrap your tool.

I didn't realize that I was nothing more to you than some flacid story.

Write that down.