The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects quotes

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Keaton[after finding Fenster's body]: It's not payback! It's precaution. You want payback, you wanna run, I don't care! I'm not doing this for Fenster, I'm not doing it for you... I'm doing it for me. I'm gonna finish this thing. This Kobayashi bastard is not gonna stand on me!

Fenster: The way I hear it, Soze is some kind of butcher. A pitiless, psycho, ****ed-up butcher.

Hockney[as many cops surround him before they arrest him]: You bring enough guys?

Keaton: I'm a businessman now.
Cop: Yeah? What's that, the restaurant business? No. From now on you're in the getting ****ed by us business.

[suspects in a lineup are asked to read a phrase]
Cop: Number 1, step forward.
Hockney: Hand me the keys, you ****ing ****.
Cop: Number 2, step forward.
McManus: Give me the ****ing keys, you ****ing ****sucking mother****er. Aaarrrghh.
Cop: Knock it off. Get back. Number 3, step forward.
Fenster: [laughing] Hand me the keys, you ****.
Cop: In English, please?
Fenster: Excuse me?
Cop: In English.
Fenster: Hand me the ****ing keys, you ****, what the ****?

Keaton: His name is Verbal. Verbal Kint.
McManus: Verbal?
Keaton: Yeah.
Verbal: Roger, really. People say I talk too much.
Hockney: Yeah, I was just about to tell you to shut up.