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[The Decepticons invade the Autobot shuttle]
Brawn: Megatron?!
Prowl: Decepticons!
Megatron: DIE, AUTOBOTS!
[After a short battle, the Decepticons annihilate the Autobot crew]
Megatron: This was almost too easy, Starscream.
Starscream: Much easier, almighty Megatron, than attacking the real threat ā€” the Autobots' moonbase!
Megatron: You're an idiot, Starscream. When we slip by their early warning systems in their own shuttle and destroy Autobot City, the Autobots will be vanquished forever!
Ironhide: Nooo! [grabs Megatron's leg]
Megatron: Such heroic nonsense... [kills Ironhide with a blast of his cannon]

Galvatron: I, Galvatron, will crush you just as Megatron crushed Prime!
Ultra Magnus: And you'll die trying, just like Megatron!
Galvatron: [growls] Autobot scrap!
Scourge: You want to me to gut Ultra Magnus?
Galvatron: There are plenty of Autobots for you. Ultra Magnus is mine!

Arcee: Stay close to me, Daniel!
Hot Rod: And you'd better stay close to me!
Arcee: No, you'd better stay close to me.

Arcee: Did we have to let them detonate three quarters of the ship?
Springer: Seeing as how they would have detonated four quarters, I think it was a good choice.
Arcee: But how are we going to get there in this wreck?
Ultra Magnus: Perceptor, can you locate a place a set down for repairs?
Perceptor: Gamma waves in this sector of space create marginal navigational probabilities, however...
[Ultra Magnus and Springer look impatient]
Perceptor: Ahem, yes, I believe I can. The planet of Junk is in this vicinity.
Ultra Magnus: Then let's go for it.

Megatron: [points a gun at Optimus Prime's head] I would have waited an eternity for this. It's over, Prime.
Optimus Prime: ... NEVER!!! [knocks down Megatron, who then falls down and gets himself wounded]

Megatron: Constructicons! Merge for the kill!
Daniel: Kup, Hot Rod! Look!
Kup: Devastator...
[The Constructicons merge into Devastator]
Devastator: Prepare for extermination!

Rumble: [cassette Decepticons break into an Autobot communications station] First we crack the shell, then we crack the nuts inside!

I will rip open Ultra Magnus, and every other Autobot, until the Matrix has been destroyed!

[Kup and Hot Rod meet the Sharkticons for the first time]
Kup: Don't act hostile, I'll use the universal greeting.
Hot Rod: "Universal greeting"?
Kup: Watch, I'll have them eating out of my hands. Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong.
Hot Rod: "Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong"?
Sharkticons: Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong.
Kup: See, the universal greeting works every time.

For a time... I considered sparing your wretched little planet Cybertron, but now... you shall witness.... ITS DISMEMBERMENT!!!

[The Dinobots knock on a door that falls on a Quintesson]
Slag: Excuse me!
Grimlock: Me, Grimlock, want to munch metal!
Hot Rod: I never thought I'd be so happy to see those big bozos.
Grimlock: Me, Grimlock, no bozo. Me king!
Quintesson: Sharkticons, execute them!
Grimlock: [growls and stomps his foot] Me, Grimlock, say execute them!
[The Sharkticons think about it for a second and then attack the Quintessons]
Kup: I think the problems on this planet will be solved very shortly.
Hot Rod: Yeah, but what about our problems? We need a ship.
Wheelie: You get ship, if I get trip.
Hot Rod: Who are you?
Grimlock: Him Wheelie, him friend.
Hot Rod: He'll be mine too if he can find a ship.
Wheelie: Skip stare over there.
Kup: That's a ship?
Hot Rod: Who cares as long as it flies.

Yes, friends, and now destroy Unicron, kill the grand poohbah, eliminate even the toughest stains. Offer, hurry hurry hurry, sale must end, rush right on down and and test drive latest model with no obligation. New improved Junkion planet is sleek sexy inport with turbo handling.

[It is Starscream's coronation. Astrotrain tries to put the crown on Starscream, only to be distracted by the trumpet-blowing Constructicons.]
Starscream: [impatiently] Get on with the ceremony!
[The Constructicons pause, looking at each other in confusion. After they start up again, Starscream blows the trumpets away with his cannon. Astrotrain then crowns him]
Starscream: My fellow Decepticons! As your new leader, Iā€”
[Starscream gasps as Cyclonus appears, causing the Decepticons to scatter]
[Galvatron hops out of Cyclonus's ****pit and approaches the steps]
Galvatron: Coronation, Starscream? This is bad comedy!
Starscream: Megatron? IS THAT YOU!!??
Galvatron: HERE'S A HINT!!!
[Galvatron transforms into his cannon mode and blasts Starscream, reducing him to a pair of legs into ashes. His crown falls to Galvatron's feet, which he proceeds to crush with a stomp of his foot]
Galvatron: Will anyone else attempt to fill his shoes?
Rumble: Eh, what'd he say his name was?
Galvatron: Galvatron.
Decepticons: Long live Galvatron! Galvatron!

Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, Ratbat, eject. Operation: Interference.

Unicron? Unicron, answer me! See this, the Matrix! I now posses that which you most fear! You'll do my bidding or taste my wrath!