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Buzz Lightyear
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[on Buzz's supposed flight] That wasn't flying, that was falling with style!

[watching guests arrive for Andy's party with presents] Rex: Any dinosaur-shaped ones?
Hamm: For crying out loud, they're all in boxes, you idiot!
Rex: They're getting bigger!
Slinky Dog: Wait, there's a nice little one over there.
[girl turns round, revealing the full length of the box she's carrying; the toys scream]

[Woody finds Buzz dressed up as "Mrs. Nesbitt" and in the company of two headless dolls] Woody: Buzz? Are you okay?
Buzz: ['drunk' and tormented] Gone! It's all gone. All of it's gone! Bye-bye! Whoo! See ya!
Woody: What happened to you?
Buzz: One minute you're defending the whole galaxy, and suddenly you find yourself suckin' down Darjeeling with Marie Antoinette and her little sister. [the headless dolls wave]
Woody: Don't you get it?! You see the hat?! I am Mrs. Nesbitt!!
Woody: Snap out of it, Buzz! [opens Buzz's helmet, slaps Buzz across the face with the detached arm, then closes the helmet]
Buzz: [calmly] You're right. I'm sorry, I am just a little depressed, that's all. I can get through this. [breaks down again] Oh, I'm a sham!

How dare you open a Space Ranger's helmet on an uncharted planet! My eyeballs could've been sucked from their sockets!

It's not a laser, it's a little lightbulb that blinks!

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Okay, Mr Lightbeer, be my guest.

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