Raphael: You are so smug, y'know that? You think that the world revolves around you, don't you? That we couldn't possibly survive without the mighty and powerful Leonardo to guide us through our problems, huh?! Well I've got a a news flash for ya: We got along just fine without you!
Leonardo: And this qualifies as "just fine"? Dressing up like it's Halloween every night, risking the safety of our family? I mean come on, what were you thinking?!
Raphael: Don't push it Leo. You can't leave home and come back expecting us to fall in line again, like your little soldiers.
Leonardo: Hey, I was training. Training to be a better leader. For you! Why do you hate me for that?
Raphael: Whoever said I wanted to be lead?! I'm better off calling my own shots, now get used to it.
Leonardo: You aren't ready. You're impatient, and hot tempered, and more importantly... I'm better than you.
Raphael: Hahahahaha. Oh, y'know something big brother, I have to disagree with you on that one.
[Raphael makes a "Come get some" motion with his sai.]
Leonardo: Don't do this, Raph.
Raphael: I'm done taking orders.
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