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Dr. Molly Griswold
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Romeo Posar
Roy McAvoy

Molly: Roy, Roy... why are you here?
Roy: Therapy.
Molly: You've come for therapy? Okay, look, Roy, you know, you really need to make an appointment. Because I have a client in a half an hour.
Roy: That's enough time. Thirty minutes? Hell, I'm not THAT ****ed up.

[to Molly] I'm going to qualify for the U.S. Open and kick your boyfriend's ass. Whatever you think of me, you should know he hates old people, children, and dogs.

Roy: Look, I love Earl, okay, but... I need you.
Romeo: You don't love me?
Roy: Yeah, yeah, I-I love you too, goddammit.
Romeo: Well, as much as Earl?
Roy: I don't know! I mean, when I was with Earl, I was thinking of you... Yes, uh, as much as Earl. More than Earl. More than Earl.
Romeo: Am I special?
Roy: Well, if you can remove the sexual overtones and add a golf theme, then Romeo, I am your Juliet.
Romeo: In that case, Julieta, I am your caddy.

TV Director: Another driving range pro, it's all we needed. It's heroes that I need. Not obscure driving range pros.

Doreen: [to Molly] You're not one of those women who tries to fix men, I hope. I mean, men cannot be fixed, and especially him.

Earl: You the man, Roy. You are definitely the man.
Clint: The man needs a ride home.

Roy: First thing you must learn is this game ain't about hitting a ball in a hole. It's about inner demons, self-doubt, human frailty and overcoming that crap. What kind of doctor did you say you were?
Molly: Psychologist. I'm a neo-Jungian, post-modern Freudian, holistic secularist.
Roy: Okay.
Molly: Inner demons and human frailty is my life's work.

Roy: I nutted that thing. I mean, I nutted it.
Romeo: I know. You put a hell of a move on it.
Roy: Little gust from the gods cost me.
Romeo: We'll take our drop, tie, and win the playoff.
Roy: I can make that shot!
Romeo: I know! But not now!
Roy: Now! I'm playing it from right here, now.

Romeo: Now that was a defining moment. And the definition was "shit."
Roy: Greatness courts failure, Romeo.
Romeo: You may be right, but you know what? Sometimes par is good enough to win.

You know someone once said that golf and sex are the only two things you don't have to be good at to enjoy.

Roy: You don't think I can knock it on from there?
Commentator: Let's just say it's a low-percentage shot.
Roy: Well, so am I! I mean, look at me, all right, what I'm wearing. I mean, I'm playing for Rio Grande Short-Haul Trucking, Briggs and Brown Sanitation, First State Bank of Salome, Woody's Smokehouse... You think a... you think a guy like me bothers to worry about the percentages?

Roy: You know why I still hit that shot?
Romeo: Yeah, because it's the only way you could beat Dave Simms.
Roy: No.
Romeo: 'Cause it was that look in your face...
Roy: I hit it again because that shot was a defining moment, and when a defining moment comes along, you define the moment or the moment defines you. If I had it to do all over again, I'd still hit that shot.
Romeo: Man, you'd bury yourself alive just to prove you could handle the shovel.

Look, boss, I only got one rule. And that's never bet money that you don't have on a dog race with an ex-girlfriend who happens to be a stripper.

Romeo: This is the last ball in the bag. This gets wet, we're disqualified.
Roy: I can make it across.
Romeo: Then do it. Quit ****ing around.
Doreen: He's crazy.
Molly: Oh, God. He's right. You're right, Roy! Just knock it on! Let her rip!
Doreen: You're losing it.
Molly: I have lost it. But so has he. He's crazy.
Doreen: So are you.

Roy: Parred the backside with a 7-iron.
Simms: Why?
Molly: Yeah, that's exactly right. That's the question, "Why?"
Romeo: Because he broke his other clubs. Snapped them in two.
Simms: Jesus.
Roy: Not all of them. Romeo broke two.
Simms: I'm on your side here. We go way back. I hope you qualify for the Open. But if you do, you better play with control or you'll get slaughtered. Good players shoot an 80 in the Open. You see it means you just can't go for it.