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Officer Michaels
Officer Slater

Chick-a chick-a yeah fake ID fake ID...

You don't have the technology or the steady hand to pull off a procedure like that, so HA!

Break yo'self, FOOL!

Were you violating that girl?! Did you just violate her with your penis?!

Pretend he's your lil' sista, your lil' sista with a picta, balla dolla dickta!

[Out of breath] That kid's a freak! He's a freak, he's the fastest kid alive!

Fogell: Can I hold your gun?
Officer Slater: [Pauses for a moment] ...Yeah, sure, I don't see why not.
Officer Michaels: I think everyone should hold a gun at least twice.

Becca: Mmmm, I'm so wet!
Evan: Yeah... they told us that would happen in health class...

Evan: I'm just sick of all the amateur stuff, y'know? I mean, like, if I'm paying top dollar I want a little production value, y'know like some editing, transition, something, some music...
Seth: Yeah well y'know, I'm sorry, Evan, that the Coen Brothers don't direct the porn that I watch. They're hard to get a hold of, okay?

Fogel: Wait for me Nicola! Wait for me on the outside!
Nicola: We were gonna go to Hawaii...

Fogel: I got a boner!
Nicola: Ha ha good. Do you have a condom?
Fogel: Yes...and lube!

It's just not fair that they get to flaunt that stuff and I have to hide like every erection I get.

I mean just imagine if girls weren't weirded out by our boners and stuff and just like wanted to see them. I mean, you know, that's the world I one day want to live in.

The guy's either going to think "Here's another kid with a fake I.D." or "Here's McLovin...the 25 year old Hawaiian organ donor".

Holy shit they busted Fogell...